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Pet Sitting:
In-home Visits: 
15 minute visits $16.00
30 minute visits $20.00

I can stay longer for additional fees and will go out of my service area for additional fees. The in-home visits consist to bathroom breaks, feeding time and play time. For cats it also includes cleaning kitty box. This service is excellent for the dogs that don't really get along with other dogs. Also this service is for any kind of animal, not just dogs and kittys. Remember "all living creatures are welcome...except humans"

(Extra charges may apply if more then a 30 minute drive)

House Sitting: $13.00 and up

The price on house sitting depends on what I need to do. I can stop by and turn lights on and off, grab the mail, open and close curtains, water your garden, indoor and outdoor gardens are welcome, make sure your lights are coming on.

Dog Walks:
15 minute walks- One dog $17.00/ Two dogs 25.50
30 minute walks- One dog $22.00/ Two dogs $32.00
45 minute walks- One dog $27.00/ Two dogs $39.00
1 hour walks- One dog $32.00/ Two dogs $48.00

Additional dogs are welcome for a extra fee, will not be full price of one dog.

will do longer walks for additional fees.

Will go to dog parks for additional fees.

Want me to walk your cat, horse, or duck instead? No problem!! 

Purchase 3 or more walks in one week, receive 5% off your bill


Animal Waste Removal (AKA. Poop Scooping):

One dog: $12.00 each week

Additional dogs will be $3.00 each

First time and one time cleanings: $60.00

Kitty boxes $17.00 for full cleanings $12.00 dollars to scoop

with in-home visits, i do scoop daily as part of the visit, but full cleanings are extra.

Cages, coops and stalls are welcome, prices depends on size and how much waste is sitting around.


Jason did a great job taking care of our 3 kitties while we were gone for 10 days. Litter scooping, brushing, catnip, the whole nine. He was very nice and professional and charged a reasonable price. Definitely would recommend. 

Lindsey K. 

Great meeting Jason and the way he presents himself, you'll automatically take a liking to him. Before we shook hands he was playing with my dog. Highly recommend this company!

Matt B.



















I went out of town for about a week and hired Jason to care from my dog and evil kitten.  He was wonderful!  My dog has Addison's Disease and needs medications daily and Jason was consistent and reliable.  He sent pictures and updates every day, brought my mail in and changed the lights up so it looked like someone was home, even while my cat was doing his best to make it difficult for him.  Jason even took an extra trip over when I called panicking because I had forgotten a very important document at home - he saved the day!  He really did exceed my expectations and I will definitely use him when I get the opportunity to travel again, I was very pleased with Mile High Pawz!


Kelli K.

















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